SlidersCast – Episode 8: Eggheads

It’s a world where society puts intelligence first and scientists are celebrities! But Quinn’s gotta play ball to find what he’s searching for, and the Professor tempts fate by trying to reconnect with his long lost love. Wade and Remmy are just gonna chillax for this world. Let’s play Mindgames!

Music by The Kyoto Connection, “Enter The Vortex”.

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2 Responses to SlidersCast – Episode 8: Eggheads

  1. Tyler says:

    the pronunciation of nike on that world reflects the historical pronunciation of ‘nike’ (‘victory’) in ancient greek. the implied joke is probably that on this world people care about dead scholarly languages enough that a company that dared to mispronounce such a common Greek word wouldn’t have any business.νίκη#Ancient_Greek

  2. ireactions says:

    Thanks for the shout-out, guys! This podcast and “The Weaker Sex” podcast are absolutely terrific! I’m really enjoying the interplay the two of you have, from cracking wise about STARGATE to joking about Rembrandt’s portrayed intelligence versus the viewer’s intelligence. The dissection of the game between the two of you is delightful.

    Oh, the “Slide Effects” script can be read here: — it’s less DALLAS saying onscreen events didn’t happen and more GREEN LANTERN REBIRTH saying, it’s all true, but this *additional* stuff is also true. No erasing, only adding. Promise.