SlidersCast – Episode 5: Fever

The Sliders hit 3 worlds this episode, starting on a world where everyone’s rich with oil! Grab that money fast and slide to a world with no penicillin or modern medicine. Wade gets sick quick and the Professor has to remember his biology to save this world! Then it’s some much needed rest and relaxation on a world of cannibals? Maybe not so much relaxation…
Music by The Kyoto Connection, “Enter The Vortex”.

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3 Responses to SlidersCast – Episode 5: Fever

  1. ireactions says:

    Point and counter-point —

    tom2point0 wrote:
    So far from what I’ve listened to im not impressed. this production feels very amateurish as far as production goes. I suppose these are good in that they are giving us more sliders content at least. I just find myself listening and thinking “why am I listening?” I hold hopes it will get better as time goes by but at this point I’m a bit wary.

    ireactions wrote in response:
    As much as I (intensely) agree with you… they’re not professionals. They’re fans having fun and recording their conversations and putting them online. And I don’t want to be too harsh on them (anymore than I was before). Not everyone has to produce an enjoyable, professional product in expressing their fondness for SLIDERS, after all.
    But yes, I agree. I think for a better podcast, the boys should:

    • Outline their topics of discussion in advance
    • Determine what points they intend to make to each other
    • Do research on whatever parallel history they’re discussing
    • Edit out content-free passages where they’re just saying “Yeah” or searching for the right word or phrase
    • Edit out dead-air — there’s really no reason for these podcasts to be as long as they are
    • Avoid searching for information during the podcast — do that before
    • Discuss the episode’s content in the order in which it happens or in specific and separated sections rather than wandering back and forth between story elements
    • Make sure that for every assertion, examples are provided
    • Edit out dead air
    • Edit out content free passages
    • Edit out content free passages and dead air
    • For God’s sake, please edit out the content free passages and dead-air

    • choanata says:

      We definitely appreciate helpful tips. Maybe we’ll even work on those content free passages and dead air? We shall see, lol.