SlidersCast – Episode 4: Prince of Wails

What if Britain had won the American Revolution? The Sliders slide into a world where the USA is more like the United Colonies of America, and it’s run by a prince! Or more accurately, it’s run by an evil sheriff. But don’t worry, Quinn and his merry men are here to save the day and bring in a brand new government before leaving abruptly. What?
Music by The Kyoto Connection, “Enter The Vortex”.

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7 Responses to SlidersCast – Episode 4: Prince of Wails

  1. Tyler says:

    Thanks for finally motivating me to find the Stereo/Mono option in VLC.

  2. Tom says:

    I’m sorry but it is very hard to listen to these. I am a big sliders fan and you guys do NOT seem to even like the show. I’ll start with Wade, who is a great character but continually you put her down as to why she is even there. Wade is the voice of compassion in the show. Like Remmy, she is an “Everyman” character, letting us see the science stuff of Quinn and Arturo through her eyes. Remmy is more played as comic relief (and his lines are much funnier and amusing than you give credit for). Wade is the free spirit of the group. Every time you berate her character it makes me wanna hit stop and then delete.

    It also bothers me that you seem to hold season 4 in such high regard. True veteran fans of sldiers will tell you that while there were SOME decent moments in season 4, Wade was written out (in a despicable way, totally disgusting gross and unprofessional way) to make room for big busted Maggie in order to bring in a younger male crowd. Her character was a total b***h in season three and once Wade was gone, they changed Maggie’s character to be softer and more compassionate, picking up what was lost when Wade left. Not to mention, btw, the actress that played Maggie was also quite rude and unprofessional towards the actress who played Wade as well.

    Your own constant bi***ing about what SHOULD have been done in the show is annoying as well because YOUR ideas are inane and would result in NO show. There needs to be conflict and things happening. Otherwise you have four people going to a new dimension, hiding in a hotel for a week, then going to the next. What fun! Even your show descriptions are filled with incredulity and negativity. I’m not even sure you get the concept of the show.

    The idea is to show different dimensions that developed differently than ours. As in most things, we apply our own morals and sense of right and wrong to all situations, which is what jallens in sldiers. When they slide to a place controlled by the British and can see it is not the best situation (in their opinion), they try to affect things and people, informing them of a different (or better, in their opinion) way. Again, if you two had your way, there would have been no show, only four people avoiding everybody until the next slide.

    And some of your “jokes” are ridiculous. You actually thought that “the swarm” was going to be a swarm of hippies? And that THAT would have been awesome to see?

    You need to have more intelligent conversations. You can be critical without being ridiculous. And Oliver North? You don’t know what he did? You don’t know why the Sliders would know if he was president that they weren’t home then? North was disgraced! He would never become president after his whole debacle.

    I was hoping that this podcast would be an intelligent, introspective discussion. Instead it comes off as immature, lacking, and disrespectful to the show (you can’t believe there were more than two sldiers comics was the comment you made. Nice.)

    You are alienating the very people who would listen to this show. I’m staying tuned to see if things get better and you can become less negative. I have sever doubts you will change though. That is just sad because the conept of sloders, and those charterers on the first 2.5 seasons are what made this show. Not Maggie, not Colin, and definitely not “Mallory” and Diana in season 5. You two are missing out on a truly enjoyable show by being so insulting and negative.

    • choanata says:

      Tom, this is Jim from the SlidersCast. I just spotted your comment and hod to reply. For starters, thanks for checking us out in the first place. If you are not enjoying the cast and want to drop it, that’s cool. It’s just our thoughts on the show. I will say this. I was obsessed with the show when it was on, and this is a podcast I’ve been talking about doing for a few years now. I love the show, or I loved it up until the killed off the professor. Then I liked it. I liked it a little more when they brought in Colin because it meant no more Rickman, and a different direction from that end of season 3 crud. I missed Waid. I hated the Mallory concept in Season 5, and only caught a few episodes anyway. I have most of the parts to build the main 3 timers on the show. I’m pretty sure Sliders is one of my favorite shows ever. Also, Dan referencing a swarm of hippies wasn’t a joke. He genuinely thought that. It’s dumb, but oh well.

      I never learned about Oliver North in school, to the point that I wouldn’t even know who he was to look him up. Blame the NY school system I guess. I do a lot of research for each episode, but things get by me.

      I knew there were 2 miniseries of Sliders comics. I didn’t know they made more than that, so finding out was a pleasant surprise. More stuff to dive into that I never knew existed.

      Dan and I both have positive memories of Wade, but here, 4 episodes in, she hasn’t really gotten a chance to shine yet. They are just starting out. We just recorded episode 7 for The Weaker Sex and had a big debate about Wade, among other things.

      Up until recently, I had no idea the behind the scenes stuff with Magie and Wade, nor did I know anything about David Pekinpah at all. I only had a nebulous idea why the Professor left. So while I do take that into consideration now, I have a lot of memories formed around not knowing that. And so going through each episode now the way we are, I’m going to have to re-evaluate them based on what I know now.

      But the main thing I wanted to respond to was how we review the episodes. We make jokes. We call the episodes out on their plot holes. We will absolutely give our opinion of what the most logical thing to do would be, because this is a show about people trying to get home and survive until they get there. Do you realize that in like 5 of the first 7 episodes, the team somehow finds a group of underground rebels and tries to change society? that is a ridiculous concept! And it’s hysterical and awesome and gives us the rest of each episode. We love that. But we will call them out on it!

      I’m not here to just love the good parts of Sliders. I’ll take the good and the bad and make fun of what needs to be made fun of, and I’m still going to love the show. Tom, I’ve been podcasting for well over 5 years now, and I’ve NEVER had as much fun as I do now. I love this! I watched these episodes almost 20 years ago and had nobody to talk to. Now I get to disect each episode with one of my best friends. I’m having a blast. I’m sorry that’s not coming across to you, maybe it will get better for you? We recorded the first 6 episodes like 2 months ago, so I can’t really remember the tone of the rest of the episodes. All I ask is that if you do keep listening, please shoot us an email to let me know what you think. Heck, even if you stop, let me know what the final straw was. And again, thank you for giving us a chance at all!


  3. Tyler says:

    eh you guys are okay

  4. Daniel says:

    Just caught wind of the podcast you guys are doing. Thank you so much for letting me relive this series! I absolutely LOVED, and still love, Sliders. I have always been obsessed with the concept.