SlidersCast – Episode 2: The Pilot, Part 2

It’s the second half of the Sliders Pilot and our first full episode featuring the cast on a different world. The major premise, what if America lost the Cold War? We see how things play out and comment accordingly! Music by The Kyoto Connection, “Enter The Vortex”.

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SlidersCast – Episode 1: The Pilot, Part 1

In our inaugural episode, we talk a bit about who we are and why we decided to embark on this journey through Sliders, and then we tackle part one of the Pilot!

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Welcome To The SlidersCast!

Welcome to! This is the website for the podcast dedicated to the 90’s Fox TV show, “Sliders”. Each week we look at the next episode in the series, with a synopsis and full review, and maybe throw in some trivia here and there. We loved watching the show when it was on, so why not join us as we journey through the series once again?

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