Here’s an easy to follow record of all the worlds the Sliders team visits!

Pilot Part 1
-Earth Prime – “Home”
-Red Means Go World – Random little differences
-Frozen World – Going through an ice age

Pilot Part 2
-Commie World – USA loses Korean War, Russian takes over
-Dad’s Alive World – Just like Earth Prime, but Quinn’s dad is alive

Summer of Love
-Swarm World – Giant mutant spider wasps are wiping out everything
-60’s World – Pro-Australian War Vs Hippies; Australia is their Vietnam
-Tsunami World – Tsunami about to wipe out San Francisco

Prince of Wails
-Tsunami World – The wave has hit, everything is flooded
-Brit Wold – Britain won American Revolution, America ruled by Monarchy

-Oil World – Oil Gushers all over San Francisco, everyone’s rich!
-Fever World – Never discovered penicilin, all the poor are sick.
-Canibal World – The residents eat people?

Last Days
-Asteroid World – The human race is doomed because there are no nukes to destroy an oncoming asteroid.

Weaker Sex
-Girl Power World – Women hold every position of power.
–Tropical World – A paradise much like a Caribbean resort, even better if the Professor is your cabana boy.

-Nerd World – Intelligence reigns supreme in a world where scientists are celebrities.

The King Is Back
-Super Strict World – Justice is swift, and it’s usually death penalty for graphiti.
-King Remmy World – A world where The Crying Man is the King of Rock and Roll.
Ice Cream World – A nice place to sell ice cream.

Luck of The Draw

-Malthus World (Lottery World) – Utopian world where population control means death by lottery

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