Greetings! It is I, the sentient About Page for the SlidersCast website. Welcome one and all, I see you’ve traveled a great distance to be here, so don’t worry, I won’t disappoint you! Here is where I will reveal all manner of secrets about the SlidersCast!

What is the SlidersCast?

Excellent question, excellent question, I’m very glad you asked! The SlidersCast is a (mostly) weekly podcast that focuses on the Sliders 90’s TV show from Fox. Each week a new episode of the show reviewed. The guys also have some other things planned, like discussing the Sliders comics and other miscellaneous stuff, but primarily it’s episode reviews.

In case you found this site searching for mini burger sliders instead, well, sorry to disappoint you. However with the series only being 88 episodes long, the guys may eventually pad out the podcast with some burger talk. So you have that to look forward to as well!

Who are the hosts?

Jim Ford – Jim originates from a parallel Earth where cheesy humor reigns supreme, and a man’s worth is measured by his attention to incredibly pointless details. After coming to this Earth, he eventually teamed up with Dan to host a Green Lantern podcast, the LanternCast. They spent 5 years doing that before handing over the reigns to a new team, and then immediately went off to start a brand new podcast, the SlidersCast.

Dan Kurtzke – Dan comes from a world where Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers are a reality, and he has actually met Zordon on more than one occasion at a convention. Creative guy, but if you let him talk about himself too much, he kinda gets a big head. Dan was actually abducted from his awesome world and brought here, for the sole purpose of recording 5 years worth of Green Lantern podcasts. With the return technology destroyed, now Dan records the SlidersCast with Jim, looking for clues to get home.

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